Thursday, June 30, 2011

Reindeer Pate: Looks Like Dog Food, Tastes Fantastic

Reindeer Pate & Toasted Baguette

Reindeer pate would be the perfect addition to a Christmas celebration. This can of pate was picked up at Fortnum & Mason in London. It really does look like dog food, but it has a slight gamey, rich, meaty flavor, enhanced by the cognac that its prepared with.

Try new things -- you never know what you'll experience.
The company that produces this particular pate is Edible.

Monday, June 27, 2011

To Ithaca & Back

Tickle My Pig in East Stroudsburg, PA -- order the Messy Bessy with pulled pork, beef brisket, coleslaw, pickled, spicy BBQ sauce.

Sitting on the dock of the lake - Lake Cayuga.

A & W Root Beer Drive-In in Cortland, NY -- order the root beer float (of course), the bacon cheeseburger, and the chili-cheese hot dog.

Fall Creek -- Ithaca is Gorges after all.

Visit the Ithaca Beer company off Elmira Road, take the small tour, but more importantly try sample of their beers on tap (including the excellent root beer) and pick up a growler of your favorite.

Hitting The Palms before it possibly closes is a must.

More of the Royal Palm Tavern - old school Cornell college town.

If you are passing through Scranton, PA and looking for a touch of the old school -- stop in for lunch at Coney Island Lunch.

Order a Texas Wiener and a Texas Cheeseburger. You heart might complain, but they taste great.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Big Apple BBQ Block Party - 2011

Whole hog delivery to Martin's via fork lift.

Breaux Bridge, LA

For Sale - Old Bar - Breaux Bridge, LA
Next to the bridge and a school.

Cajun Country. Travel. + Eat.

Cafe Des Amis in Breaux Bridge, LA. Known for their Saturday morning Zydeco breakfasts. It's mayhem on Saturday mornings, but for a quieter more food oriented experience drop by any other time and say hi to chef Mark Roberthon.

Pick up some Chaurice creole sausage and the cracklins at Poche's Market in Breaux Bridge.

At the levee in Henderson, LA where there was some flooding.

Stay at the Isabelle Inn Bed & Breakfast in Breaux Bridge - really mellow, elegant, and delightful.

A local's hat in an open Jeep.

For the best crawfish in Cajun country, head down a dirt road to...

Seriously good crawfish, only available in season, and purged in a tank.

Babineaux's Meat Market - the place for the best local boudin noir.

Road food - Fried Pork Skins.

Flooding in Morgan City.

Flooding along the Bayou Black Drive between Morgan City and Houma.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Orleans. Stuff.

Leeches @ New Orleans Pharmacy Museum

Antique English Marrow Spoons @ Lucullus - they ain't cheap though.

Jackson Square

Warehouse District - some real great stuff going on in this part of town.

Little Debbie Snack Cakes - found in the Warehouse District.

Outside of Lafayette Cemetery # 1.

Flowers in Lafayette Cemetery # 1.

Neophobia: a fun selection of mid-century furniture and other bits and bobs.

Monday, June 6, 2011

New Orleans. Drink.

Vieux Carre by Chris McMillan at Bar Uncommon. Chris is a cocktail master and works Wednesday through Saturday. Go visit him, don't order a glass of chardonnay, but tell him what you like. You won't be disappointed.

Sazerac Royale by Chris McMillan @ Bar Uncommon. According to Chris, this is called giving something the Boothby treatment. Basically a Sazerac aperitif.

Wine Dinner at Mila.

Cocktails by Chris Hannah @ Arnaud's French 75. Chris is quiet and subtle, but his cocktails are impeccable. His dry humor and love of soccer will keep you entertained and his cocktails will send you home in a spin.

Peychaud's Bitters at the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum.

Tujague's - another old school bar in the French Quarter. If you head into the dining room in the back, one of the original handcrafted bars still exists there.

Both Chris McMillan (Bar Uncommon) and Chris Hannah (French 75) recommended LOA. They are definitely taking a modern twist on cocktails. I found their cocktails to be more flavor forward than subtle and classic. Kind of like a good California Cab that you respect, but don't necessarily enjoy as much as a Barbaresco.

Cure - if you like cocktails, this place is a must. Modern, classic - they get it. I asked if the bartender could make a cocktail with Del Maguey mezcal. The result: a brilliant twist on an Old Fashioned using Chichicapa. It was a true complement to the mezcal.

Abita Amber @ Mahoney's. A classic pairing with the new school po-boys being produced @ Mahoney's.

Sometimes you have to try the "originals." The Sazerac Bar at the Roosevelt Hotel is known for creating the 
Sazerac and also offer a Ramos Gin Fizz. I felt like I pretty much had to go there, but for quality, well produced local cocktails, visit Chris and Chris.

The Sazerac.

The frosty huge glass of beer at Liuzza's. Only two things to get here: the Frenchuletta and a frosty mug of Abita Amber.

The Pimm's Cup - the drink I originally thought only the British loved, is also adored by New Orleans. It's such a refreshing drink and it's so hot and humid in New Orleans, you can understand why it's gulped down. The Napoleon House is where to drink the Pimm's Cup.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

New Orleans. Eat.

Fried Rabbit Livers @ Cochon - everything on that menu is worth trying. Also try their moonshine.

A local classic - Hubigs.

Fried catfish po-boy @ Guy's - along with a Barq's rootbeer, another classic.

Best po-boy in New Orleans? Mahoney's. Get the fried chicken liver with creole slaw (above) or the grilled shrimp with fried green tomatoes and remoulade (below).

Chef Ben Wicks worked for just about all big chefs in town (Adolfo Garcia, John Besh....). You'll see his grandmother bringing out trays of po-boys. Don't question, just go.

The fried chicken liver and creole slaw po-boy.

Cochon 555 - the pig head from the butchery demonstration.

Coquette is really killing it in New Orleans. A good cocktail and wine list selection (we ordered the De Moor Aligote). And a really great food menu. Focused on doing justice to the quality of product they use.

After too much local food, time for a pizza. Popped into John Besh's Domenica after having a Sazerac in the Sazerac Room in the Roosevelt Hotel. The white anchovy pizza was pretty great.
Another local classic: Cafe Du Monde.

You've go to love a place that does one thing and does it well: beignets.

Yep, it's touristy. Yep, it'll be crowded. But they are worth it. Stick your head into the indoor dining room / kitchen area and watch the line of wait staff picking up beignets and coffee.

Leidenheimer is the got-to bakery for the French bread used for po-boys.

A take on a classic, that has become a classic - the Frenchuletta at Liuzza's. Also get an Abita Amber in the large frozen glass.


If you have room left, and you probably won't, but you should. Walk over to Brocato's for gelato or cannelloni. It's old school Italian ice-cream and pastries.