Cajun Country. Travel. + Eat.

Cafe Des Amis in Breaux Bridge, LA. Known for their Saturday morning Zydeco breakfasts. It's mayhem on Saturday mornings, but for a quieter more food oriented experience drop by any other time and say hi to chef Mark Roberthon.

Pick up some Chaurice creole sausage and the cracklins at Poche's Market in Breaux Bridge.

At the levee in Henderson, LA where there was some flooding.

Stay at the Isabelle Inn Bed & Breakfast in Breaux Bridge - really mellow, elegant, and delightful.

A local's hat in an open Jeep.

For the best crawfish in Cajun country, head down a dirt road to...

Seriously good crawfish, only available in season, and purged in a tank.

Babineaux's Meat Market - the place for the best local boudin noir.

Road food - Fried Pork Skins.

Flooding in Morgan City.

Flooding along the Bayou Black Drive between Morgan City and Houma.


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