London - Saatchi Gallery: New Art from China

I just got back from London and while I was there visited the Saatchi Gallery which was showing "The Revolution Continues: New Art from China". There was definitely some art that I would categorize as just plain weird, but there was also some really fascinating works on display. Here are the pieces that intrigued me.

Liu Wei
Love It! Bite It!
Made from edible dog chews

This is a donkey humping the Jin Mao tower in Shanghai.

Zhang Huan
Donkey 2005

The next two pieces of work fascinated me - he has created a new biography for Mao - inserting him into famous world events and situations, interacting in the western world. At first blush, it all looks so normal. "How differently things might have turned out if only a little thing like ideology didn't get in the way."

Shi Xinning
Yalta No. 2

Shi Xinning
A Holiday in Venice - At the Balcony of Ms. Guggenheim 2006

This just made me laugh - a satirical view of old age pensioners who look like decrepit old leaders - these wheel chairs move around the room and bump into each other - the old world leaders are still fighting an unconscious battle against each other.

Sun Yuan and Peng Yu
Old Persons Home 2007


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