Leg of Lamb Leftovers 1 - Lamb and Porcini Risotto

First day of leftovers from the leg of lamb - this is one of the great things about cooking leg of lamb and being the only one eating it, you have lots of lamb leftover. I am not going to have a separate post about this, but I made a lamb sandwich for lunch with English Mustard, cheddar cheese, lettuce and tomato - absolutely delicious.

This is a simple risotto dish. In two cups of hot water rehydrate some dried porcini mushrooms. Saute half a small yellow onion in a medium saucepan along with thinly sliced garlic in olive oil. Season with salt and pepper. After the onion has softened add a half cup of arborio rice cooking for a few minutes. Add a third of a cup of red wine and stir until the wine has been incorporated into the rice. Remove the mushrooms from the water, cut them up, and add them to the rice. Use the left over water, adding to the risotto half cup by half cup as it becomes incorporated. Continue to add beef stock to the risotto until the rice is nearly done (it will have just a little bite left). Half way through add a cup of pieces of lamb cut from the left over leg. When the rice it about done, check for seasoning, add a tablespoon of butter and a third of a cup of grated parmesan. Take the risotto of the heat and stir and serve immediately with a dry medium to full bodied red wine.


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