Old School Lambrusco - Vittorio Graziano

Finally got around to trying the Wednesday evening special at Via Emilia last night - $25 gets you 4 pours of Lambrusco and 4 antipasti. Cheap, fun, and delicious.

My favorite Lambrusco of the four was the Vittorio Graziano Lambrusco di Castelvetro - a very old school Lambrusco - made the way they used to be made. Very dry with red berry notes (some dinner companions in the past have noted a medicinal quality - which am not sure I get, but I love that aspect of it) - excellent to begin a meal with cured meats (mortadella is a classic pairing).

I'd had this a few times and fell in love with it at a dinner held by Gabrio, owner of the De-Vino Wine Boutique in the Lower East Side. It's imported by the folks at Via Emilia and he buys it from them. For $36 a bottle at Via Emilia and $22 a bottle at De-Vino, it's a steal.


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