Recipe | Spring Tarts

I found this really simple recipe for Spring Tarts on Made By Girl. The combination of the flavors and its ideal seasonality really jumped out. How can you beat peas, asparagus and puffed pastry with ricotta, lemon juice and zest, topped with mint. Spring perfection.

I made it this past weekend at a dinner party for 8 people and with a little advance prep, the tarts were pretty easy to make. They can be put in the oven just as your guests arrive and 20 minutes later, they are ready to go.

I basically followed the recipe with a couple of changes. I used one sheet of thawed puffed pastry from a box and made 8 rectangular pieces instead of squares - not by design, but by pure necessity. I also prefer ribbons of chopped mint versus whole leaves, but that's just me. Finally, I didn't add the cheese on top - which would have been both a visual and taste delightful finishing touch.

They were a hit - so there'll definitely be a next time to experiment again.

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