Suze Cocktails

White Negroni

Suze has been imported into the US since the summer of 2012, but we still felt the need to pick up a bottle on a recent trip to Paris -- plus in the Charles de Gaulle airport duty free, it was dirt cheap at about 9€.

This gentian-based liqueur is yellow in color, has a bright and bitter flavor, and at only 15% ABV is perfect as an aperitif. Traditionally, it has been enjoyed over ice or with tonic.

Suze & Tonic

Last night, we enjoyed it in a white negroni and over tonic. In both drinks, the bitter gentian flavor comes through and marries well with the other ingredients. Because the white negroni has Dolin blanc there is also a roundness to the drink. Next time, I might try dry vermouth instead for a drier style cocktail.

For the white negroni, stir 1.5oz gin, 0.75oz Dolin Blanc, 0.75oz Suze over ice, strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with a lemon twist. Recipe courtesy of Post Prohibition and Dutch Kills.

For the Suze and tonic, use Fever Tree Light Tonic.


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