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Cocktail | Mezzo-Americano

Photo Credit: Nick C. Bumstead © A take on the  Mezzo-Americano cocktail. Even though Aperol and the Chinotto soda have some bitterness, this is a balanced cocktail with a slight tendency to sweetness, but that might be due to using orange juice and lemon juice instead of lime juice. The Chinotto soda is a bitter soda, but it has a bunch of sugar in there. Next time, I'll give Campari a go in place of Aperol for a little more bitterness. Glass: Old Fashioned Ice: Large Cubes Garnish: Orange Slice Ingredients 1.5 oz Aperol 0.5 oz Hayman's London Dry Gin 0.75 oz Orange + Lemon Juice 3 oz  Lurisia Il Nostro  Chinotto Soda Directions 1) Shake first three ingredients over ice. 2) Strain into an old fashioned glass over large ice cubes. 3) Pour Chinotto soda to the to p. 4) Garnish with orange slice. Original recipe credit: Kindred Cocktails .

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