Burgers in Atlanta

I visited a friend in Atlanta this past weekend and we found this great PBR burger joint in the Highland's. On a Saturday, Moe's and Joe's Tavern is exactly what we were looking for - good, cheap eats in an authentic atmosphere. We both ordered the half pound Angus burger which was served with fries in a plastic tray. The burgers were well cooked (although we were not asked how we wanted them cooked) and served on a soft bun with lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise. Add a little ketchup and mustard and you are off to the races. Since we were in a PBR bar, I went for a pint of PBR. Really, it would have been rude of me not to. My friend had a pint of Sweetwater 420 Extra Pale Ale - a local brew that is excellent. It may have been that I was still slightly recovering from the night before, but it was a perfect lunch.


Lyle Fass said…
You are always slightly recovering from the night before.
Unknown said…
Next time you go to Atlanta you MUST get your friend to take you to Dreamland BBQ (http://www.dreamlandbbq.com/default.aspx?id=44) Get the ribs, the baked beans and the banana pudding and you will probably be able to die happy.

Dreamland represents the single biggest thing I miss about Atlanta.
Nick Bumstead said…
I love BBQ - next time down there, I'll definitely check it out. I was also recommended to visit Colonnade Restaurant.
Unknown said…
As far as I am concerned Dreamland is the best period. Of the many better known Atlanta BBQ joints, Fat Matt's is probably the most well known at this point- because they get a lot of air time on various Food Network shows- and they were just recently on "Locked Up Abroad". But Sonny's and Slopes each have several locations as well. Honestly, I found the meat to be of less then good quality and the sauces at both are respectively sweeter and smokier. I prefer Dreamland because not only is the meat better I love the sauce. It's a vinegar based sauce (and they only have one) and they do the cooking over a huge hickory fired pit- do I even have to tell you how good that smells? it was torture to have to drive past them to go to work! If you skip the beer (although why would you) the other essential drink is of course sweet tea. It's diabetes in a cup but on a hot, humid day it has it's charms.

I have heard of colonnade but never been. Another similar style place that I heard nothing but good things is Greenwoods on Green Street in Roswell.

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