Dinner: Pasta with Shrimp, Smoked Salmon, Peas, Parsley

If you have the right ingredients in the refrigerator and freezer, it is fun making an impromptu, but ever so tasty pasta dish. After visiting Russ and Daughters on Sunday morning to pick up fixings for brunch (see next post), I had some left over smoked salmon. I also had fresh lasagna noodles (frozen), onion, tomato, frozen cooked shrimp, frozen peas, lemon, and flat leaf parsley.

The only items that really needed cooking were the onion and the pasta, everything else just needs heating through. Add the onion to a saute pan with olive oil over medium heat, season, and cook until tender. Add the chopped tomato, combine, and cook for about a minute. Add the peas and then the shrimp. Add the cut up pasta to a large pot of salted boiling water. At the last minute add the smoked salmon, a squeeze of lemon, and a splash of white wine (if you have on hand, otherwise don't worry). Check for seasoning. Add the pasta to the pan - if there is no liquid in the pan, add a little pasta water. Toss, add the parsley, and a drizzle of good peppery olive oil. Toss again, check seasoning, plate, and enjoy with the a crisp, lean, minerally white wine. I had a couple of glasses of
Aforado 2007 Rias Baixas Albarino.


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