Gin Rickey: Two Ways

A warm Saturday evening in August deserves an appropriate cocktail: the Gin Rickey. I made two versions; the first was the classic with Plymouth Gin and the second used Earl Grey infused Plymouth Gin. A perfectly clean, crisp, tart, refreshing cocktail that gets you ready for dinner. The Earl Grey infused version has a slightly different flavor profile with deeper, richer nuances with some tannins from the tea. It's like an grown-up tart iced tea.

Ingredients (per cocktail)
- 3 tablespoons Plymouth Gin (either plain gin or Earl Grey infused gin)
- 1 tablespoon fresh squeezed lime juice
- Club Soda
- Slice of lime

In a iced filled cocktail shaker (or pint glass), add the gin and the juice. Stir for about a minute and strain into an ice filled Collins glass (tall glass). Top with club soda, squeeze a lime slice, and garnish with the slice.


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