Two Fantastic and Very Different Wines

1) Ameztoi 2008 Rubentis Getariako Txakolina
Having spent a week in the Basque country in September, my love and addiction to Txakoli may have reached its peak. Not much produced and unfortunately getting more and more expensive, the more popular it becomes.  It was rumored that this rosado bottling was no longer going to be produced after the 2007 vintage, but I guess not.  This had the typical frizzante of Txakoli and the classic strawberry raspberry tartness of Txakoli rose.  You could just drink and drink this stuff - if you can find it.  This was paired with sardine pate and toast points with lemon wedges.  A delightful way to start a celebration meal.

2) Luigi Nervi 1958 Gattinara Spanna
I bought this for a steal from Chambers Street Wines about a year ago and had heard some mixed results on the bottling, but not surprising for a 1958.  I opened the bottle with trepidation - no one wants that fun celebration bottle to be a dud.  The cork was intact, albeit a little weighty - I love opening old bottles and feeling the weight of the cork - shriveled, crusty, and basically old.  There was no funk at all upon decanting, in fact it was in amazing condition.  Typical orange, brick tinge to the color, light, minimal fruit, but still there and going well.  It was elegant still had some tannins with good acidity and typical Nebbiolo leather, rose, and truffle.  A perfect example of why I love Nebbiolo.  I still have a 1961 bottling to try and am hoping for an equally fortunate experience.  This was paired with roasted chicken, mushrooms (chanterelles and creminis), potatoes, and brussels sprouts.



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