Mezcal & Margarita 2.0

Mezcal's taking 2011 by storm. If you love the fact that wine has terroir, then single vineyard, unique, artisanal mezcals are for you. Everyone seems to be writing about them - probably because it's Cinqo de Mayo and probably because it's deserved.

A couple of days ago at F.E.D., we published the recipe for the Margarita 2.0, which was created by Jim Meehan of PDT for Sombra mezcal (co-owned by Master Sommelier and cool guy, Richard Betts).

With mezcal, limes, grapefruit juice, agave syrup, cucumber slices, salt all in hand, it was time to get a head start on Cinqo de Mayo. Actually, I was just really intrigued to try a margarita made with mezcal.

It's a really good cocktail - hints of the smokiness, lots of bright tartness, and a balance from the sweet components.

Bottom line: get some mezcal, try it on the rocks to experience the full flavors, then experiment and have some fun. Incidentally, @yobetts (as Richard Betts is known on twitter) recommends trying these five mezcals:
- Del Maguey
- Sombra
- Los Amantes
- Los Danzantes
- Ilegal.


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