Grand Cayman | What I Came Home With

On a recent trip to Grand Cayman I did what I always do when traveling, I explored the local liquor and food stores. Ok, I'll be honest - when I travel, I tend to hit most of the liquor / wine stores in a town. It might be left over from my days at Chambers Street Wines; it might be an odd form of liquor store OCD. Whatever it is, it's part of my urge to find that bottle I can't find at home.

Food stores, on the other hand, are the perfect way to see what the locals are eating at home and to discover local fruits, vegetables, meats and seafood.

From Grand Cayman, I returned with a bottle of Seven Fathoms rum and Grand Cayman Sea Salt. These souvenirs serve both as lovely reminders of an experience, but also as an opportunity to try something new.

Seven Fathoms rum is the only rum distilled locally on the island and they have a unique selling point in that the rum is aged in barrels seven fathoms under the sea. The theory is that the temperature and humidity is perfect, but also the motion of the ocean mimics rotating the barrels on land and is similar to aging rum on ships back in the day. And since I bought the bottle at the distillery, it was signed with palm tree by the distiller.

Sea salt is another perfect souvenir or even gift. It is an expression of the local waters brought to life in seasoning form. At home I have salt from Portland, Vancouver, the Florida Keys and now Grand Cayman. It's not always the cheapest gift (thanks mum and dad for that Florida Keys sea salt), but you'll remember your trip every time you season your food.


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