Old Fashioned by Barman Dale DeGroff

The Old Fashioned

I attended a holiday punch event at Apartment 13 last evening featuring three punches created by both Leo and Dale DeGroff using PAMA Liqueur as a base ingredient. All three were really enjoyable each in a different way. The Millenium was cognac-based, the Caribe rum and PAMA based and the PAMA Paloma was PAMA, Del Maguey Crema Mezcal, and Pedro Ximenez based.

My favorite though was the Caribe Punch made with Santa Teresa 1796 rum, PAMA Liqueur, Kalamansi, Lemongrass, Lime and Flamed Orange was my favorite. It was bright, fresh, tart and delicious. 

Beyond the punches and conversation, one of the highlights of the evening was sipping an Old Fashioned made by Dale. He it made with Louis Royer 53 VSOP Cognac which is a high-proof cognac perfect for this kind of cocktail. It packed a punch and was spot on.


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