Burger Tour of NYC Part 3

The burger tour continues, but at a slower pace. After texting back and forth on possible dinner locations last evening, I persuaded a friend of mine to join me at Corner Bistro. Since the burger tour with the boys from The Burger Joint in DC last month, I have been looking forward to trying the Corner Bistro's bistro burger again. The experience did not disappoint. It takes a little work to convince either the old grumpy bartender or the young grumpy bartender to serve you, but after a couple of McSorley's Dark Ales on tap, you'll feel better (or care less). Honestly, you can get away with being a curmudgeon if you are older, because it adds character to an old, classic joint like the Corner Bistro, but if you are a younger bartender, you just come off like a dick.

Since we had space at the bar, we were allowed to order food there, which was a relief because I did not feel like standing in the line to get a table in the back room. The bistro burger comes with lettuce, tomato, bacon, onion, and cheese. It's a fat, juicy, well made burger on a soft bun. They are delicious. The fries are crispy and not bad (not great). We also ordered a grilled cheese which frankly was just warm cheese between toast.

In this economic environment inexpensive, tasty, classic joints like this should be doing well and on a Sunday evening, the Corner Bistro was perfectly crowded. Most seats were taken, but there was very little jostling.


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