The Donut Pub: Black and White Cookie Heaven

Incidentally, I did not finish the bottle of Huet 2002 Petillant before heading out to dinner at La Nacional (which should be the subject of another post). On the way home, I had to pick up something to have with the last few drops. I could not resist the lure of a giant old-school black & white cookie from The Donut Pub (on West 14th Street).
The Donut Pub is one of those few mom and pop type small businesses to be treasured in a city becoming overrun with chains of banks and drug stores. Founded in 1960, it's a narrow old school diner type place that serves donuts and pastries in an unabashed old fashioned style. Nothing fancy here, just ten stools, a counter, and racks of pastries from which to choose.

The black and white cookie is just perfect. The cookie itself is flaky and cake like. The icing is knockout: moist, sweet, delicious. It may have been a little too sweet for the last sips of wine, but really, who cares?

Head there quickly before a Starbucks, Duane Reade, or Chase take over the whole city. I'll be back to try the donuts and coffee.


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