Black Garlic

Researching an article for Find. Eat. Drink. last week led me to spend a morning visiting the Mikuni Wild Harvest warehouse in Long Island City. I was able to taste a number of new and exciting foods, one of which was Black Garlic. Sounds dark and mysterious, but it's not at all.

Black Garlic is basically fermented garlic which results in the cloves turning black in color, but becoming much milder in flavor with a balsamic type sweetness mixed with soy sauce and tamarind. It's a wonderful flavor and would be a tremendous additional flavor component to a sauce. Then again, it would be a great topping for a pizza too.


Granger said…
Black garlic is often fermented, but it can also be dried and used in manner of regular garlic. They may not have it that way at Mikuni Wild Harvest, but there are plenty of sources.

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