Dard et Ribo 2006 Crozes Hermitage

On a Louis Dressner wine trip a couple of years ago with Chambers Street Wines, I ended up returning with a bottle of Dard et Ribo 2006 Crozes Hermitage. Previous vintages of Dard et Ribo's wines had been more funky to me, but I was still excited to try this bottle. Maybe when you carry wine back from a trip, you have higher expectations because of the extra effort involved.

The other night I opened the bottle. I was having the last of a batch of Heritage Farms porterhouse chops and thought it would be a worthwhile pairing. The pork chop was juicy and delicious and the wine was a equal to the task. There was bacon fat, mushrooms, some tannins, lovely fruit in a classic old world style. Interestingly enough, I was surprised to see a plastic cork when I opened it. I supposed they intend this bottling to be drunk in its youth. I didn't finish the wine and looked forward to the next day.

I really wish I would have kept on drinking the first night. On the second night, there was none of the lovely Syrah I enjoyed the previous evening. It had been replaced with an off hazelnut nose and taste. Almost just weird hazelnut tannins and nothing else. No pleasure at all struggling though a glass of wine like this. Too bad. I guess not every bottle of wine can be perfect.


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