Wine | Jungsik, Champagne & Burgundy

I had the chance to eat at Jungsik in Tribeca this past weekend with some friends. The food is modern and unique Korean food and it definitely lives up to that bill. Not in a weird, off balance kind of unique way, but in an elegant, balanced, delicious way. They use enough spice to know that it's there, but not enough that it's all you taste. The service is as elegant and precise as the food.

It's not a cheap night out, but if you are looking for an upscale, but friendly night out with some full flavor, give Jungsik a whirl.

On this particular night, one of our dinner companions generously brought along a bottle of Selosse Substance and a bottle of Roumier 1998 Bonnes-Mares.

It was my first experience with Selosse and now I see what all the excitement is about. The Substance is a glorious bottle of wine that sang with the food. From the importers website: "Avize’s essence in a single wine, without regard to vintage variation. Made from a solera started in 1987. Profound." It was woodsy, floral, fine, delicate and very exciting.

Next came the Roumier 1998 Bonnes-Mares -- another first for me. It was showing well, but still seemed on the very young side -- even after being decanted for a couple of hours. Balanced and concentrated, structured, but in a elegant masculine kind of way. Lots of dark fruits and spice.


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