Drink the World Cup | USA vs. Belgium

Mint Julep (Photo Credit: Danielle Scott / Flickr) | Monk's Stout

Mint Julep vs. Dark & Stoutly

A huge game for both teams this afternoon. Proud of the US making it this far and love the guys playing in the Belgian team (I used to live there).

What's the most American of cocktails? My choice would have been the Manhattan, but I've done that one already. It doesn't get more American and simple than the Mint Julep though... just mint, sugar and bourbon. 5 or 6 leaves of mint in a chilled glass, add sugar and muddle, pack with cracked ice, and pour your favorite Kentucky bourbon over the ice. Give it a good stir until chilled, add a little more ice and garnish with a little sprig of mint.

For Belgium, I found a recipe for a Belgian beer cocktail that sounds really interesting. The cocktail is called the Dark and Stoutly and is made with 1.5oz ginger habanero syrup, 1.5oz aged rum, 0.5oz lime juice, 5oz Monk's Stout that is shaken over ice, strained into a glass with couple of large ice cubes, and garnished with a lime wedge. The recipe is from Adam Seger and can be found here.


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