Grilled Pizza on a Grill Pan

While walking home from having a drink at La Bottega at the Maritime Hotel on a sunny evening this week, I decided to make grilled pizza. I purchased the dough from my local pizza joint (for $3) on my way home and ended up making two pizzas: one savory, one sweet.

For the savory pizza, I used a piece of dough about the size of a fist. I pre-heated a grill pan on the stove top on medium-high heat. With flour, I spread it out into somewhat of a pizza shape and brushed one side with olive oil. Gently put the pizza on the grilled pan with the oil side down and brush the top side with olive oil. When the crust is done on the first side (check by sneaking a peak at the underside), flip the pizza crust over.

When the crust is lovely and crispy on both sides, pull it off the grill pan, and add whatever toppings you decide. I had pounded a chicken breast to about 1/3 inch thickness and quickly cooked it with simple olive oil, salt (Maldon's of course), and pepper. I sliced the chicken, julienned some fresh basil, grated fresh parmigniano reggiano, and drizzled on some more peppery olive oil. What a simple, fantastic dinner, just amazing.

Wine pairing? Italian of course, since it was pizza night. I paired this with the Sella 2006 Coste delle Sesia Orbello which is a interesting blend of Barbera, Nebbiolo, Cabernet Franc, Vespolina. The wine is almost burgundian in style with berries, herbs, mushrooms, and a bright breath of acidity to finish. The perfect match at $15.99.

After all this, I thought I was done and had already put the remaining dough in the freezer for future pizzas. Well, my sweet tooth bettered me and I made round two with Nutella, another of my chocolate weaknesses. This time I used both flour and sugar to spread out the dough which caused the dough to crisp up and char much quick on the grill pan, but no matter because the taste was out of this world. Crispy, caramelly, chocolatey, hazlenutty goodness. What a way to finish the meal with the last glass of red wine.


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