A Saturday Night Dinner @ Home

Research for the new site had resulted in a decrease in cooking at home, but not last night. After a visit to the Union Square farmer's market for mixed greens, potatoes, green beans, a visit to Chelsea Market for fresh tuna from the Lobster Place, it was time for a Salade Nicoise for dinner.

I pre-cooked vegetables: simply steamed the green beans, boiled the small Yukon Gold potatoes, and hard boiled the egg. The gorgeous looking piece of tuna was simple to cook: salt, pepper, olive oil, seared in a hot grill pan.

I always seem to make the same easy dressing, purely because it is delicious. Peppery olive oil, white wine vinegar, Dijon mustard, salt, pepper whisked together. The mixed greens were tossed in the dressing ,the salad composed, the egg salted with Maldon Sea Salt. For a taste comparison, I actually used both the seared fresh tuna and a jar of tuna fillet (As do Mar Filetti di Tonno).

A Salade Nicoise is a blend of flavors and expressions: creaminess of the potatoes, brininess of the tuna and the olives, brightness of the dressing, crunch from the green beans. It all seems to come together perfectly in the last couple of bites when everything has sort of blended together.

I can't resist finishing a meal with dessert and the raspberries from the farmer's market were screaming out to me, as was the last of the vanilla ice-cream from the freezer. Simply and easy with a little chocolate expression from the Dolfin Chocolat au Lait au Hot Masala.


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