Made in Scotland.... All About Whisky

A set of programmes titled "Made in Scotland" recently aired on STV, but these specific links are for the whisky editions. One of the episodes shows how to taste whisky - you have to be gentle. My favorite line is when master blender Richard Paterson tells actor David Hayman he'll smack him if he sees him holding the glass with his hands around the bowl. I love how they also show enjoying whisky with a piece of chocolate which is a favorite combination of mine. You just cannot beat a glass of Lagavulin and piece of chocolate. Of the links below, you really should see the Whisky and Water edition, it's amazing stuff.

These are very well done programs. I found them thanks to Chris and Lucas' Edinburgh Whisky Blog.

How to Taste
Whisky and Water
Chocolate and Whisky
Bruichladdich Still
History of Blended Whisky
Blended Whisky
Bruichladdich Casks


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