More Infusions: Wasabi & Persian Cucumber

I have been threatening and thinking for a long time to buy some fresh wasabi root. Yes, it's amazing to have freshly grated wasahi root with sushi, but my true motivation was to make fresh wasabi infused gin. I have found the real wasabi root at the Japanese specialty market, Sunrise Mart (on Broome Street). While I was picking up the wasabi, I also found Persian cucumbers, so I ended up making two infusions.

Simply trim the wasabi root, cut up thin slices, and add to a glass of gin at room temperature for a couple of days. I consistently use Plymouth gin for infusions and cocktails in general for its classic, clean flavors. The longer you infuse the gin, the hot it will be.

For the Persian cucumber infusion, wash the cucumber, cut it up, and add it to the gin. Similarly, let the gin sit at room temperature for a few days and you will see the gin turn slightly cucumber green.

I tested out a few cocktails made with a dry sake, but my favorite was a blend of the two gins and a measure of sake. Stirred over ice, strained, and served straight up with a Persian cucumber garnish. It's clean, crisp, with a slight heat from the wasabi. Another great pairing for sushi.


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