Fresh Pasta with Rock Shrimp, Blue Shrimp, Irish Sea Trout

A summer seafood pasta with rock shrimp, blue shrimp, and Irish sea trout.

- Fresh Linguine
- Irish Sea Trout
- Rock Shrimp
- Blue Shrimp
- Yellow Onion
- Tomato
- Parsley
- Basil
- Olive Oil, Salt, Pepper

I pre-cooked the sea trout in a saute pan with olive oil, salt, and pepper until it was approximately medium rare. This can be done a little ahead of time and cooled to room temperature. The crispy skin from the fish will not be included in the dish, but tastes fantastic straight from the pan - it's one of the cooks little benefits, like licking the chocolate bowl or eating some of the meat while carving a whole roasted bird.

Get a large pot of water boiling and add salt. In a medium to large pan, cook the chopped yellow onion in olive oil on a medium heat, season with salt and pepper, cook until translucent. Add the chopped tomato and continue to cook for a few minutes. Add the fresh pasta to the pot of boiling water. Increase the heat on the saute pan a little and add the rock shrimp, then the blue shrimp. The pasta and the shrimp should be ready at the same time. With tongs, add the pasta to the pan, then flake in the trout. Add the chopped parsley and julienned basil and drizzle olive oil on the pasta. Serve.

Some thoughts on the dish:
(1) I originally planned to add frozen peas to the dish, because to me fish and peas are such a fantastic combination. I forgot while preparing the dinner, but it was still fantastic.
(2) Next time, I'll think about adding some red pepper flakes with the onion.
(3) There were left overs for the next day, which I ate cold (straight from the dish) and it was equally as tasty the next day. I just love leftovers.

Wine Pairing
I paired this dish with an Italian white wine: Pietrantonj 2007 Pecorino IGT.
I had this a few months ago with yet another fish and pasta dish. I just love pairing a wine from the same country as the dish I am preparing. I did create this dish, but it is Italian in spirit. The wine was a great accompaniment to the pasta and fish. My note from before held true again: "a slight richness with bitter almond, floral, lemon, apricot notes, as well as bright acidity".


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