Appetizer: Tuna Belly Tartar & Pinon Brut

Another visit to The Lobster Place in Chelsea Market resulted in the purchase of a small portion of perfectly glistening tuna belly. I love buying fish just because it looks great. Is there a better way to shop? How to prepare it? Pan-seared? Raw? I love tartar, but had never tried making it at home before. It could not be that hard.

Tuna Tartar
- tuna belly (chopped into small cubes)
- mayonnaise (heaped teaspoon)
- toasted sesame seeds (toasted in skillet over medium heat)
- jalapeno (diced)
- sriracha (dash to taste)
- truffle oil (dash)
- hawaiian red sea salt

Basically stir all the ingredients together in medium bowl and serve with hot whole wheat toast points. A really simple and fresh tasting appetizer.

I paired this with a dry sparkling Vouvray (Pinon NV Vouvray Brut) and it was a magic combination. Pinon's wine are an amazing value and always excellent. The bottle had been open for three days, but it was still fantastic: biscuity, appley, bright. This wine is from grapes from a plot of very old vines. For $21 this should be everyone's house sparkler.


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