You Should Enjoy What You Drink From

"... our life, insofar as it can be taken seriously, obtains dignity through simplicity, honesty, and purity..." Josef Hoffman, 1901.

I spent a couple of hours yesterday at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair at the Jacob Javitt's Convention Center and one of the exhibitors in the Austrian section was Lobmeyr. Their glassware is beautifully crafted and it looks so elegant, delicate, graceful. It almost transports you to a different age. Unfortunately, to be transported to this age of elegance and grace, it is going to cost you a few dollars, but I think it might be worth it. For a more detailed slide show of their elegant glassware, check out the article on Find. Eat. Drink.

(Trinkservice Hoffman Serie "B")
The Hoffman Serie "B" service is clear, mouth-blown crystal with hand-painted enamel decoration (called "Bronzitdekor" and developed by Hugo Max). This was originally designed in 1914 by Josef Hoffman.

(Trinkservice Patrician)

(Trinkservice Loos)
The Loos service is less delicate, but no less refined. In fact, this was my favorite design. It is clear mouth-blown and hand-cut crystal. It was originally designed for the Loos Bar in Vienna, and has been part of the Lobmeyr production since 1929.


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