Leftovers for Lunch: Are They Better Than The Original?

The second fish that I picked up at The Lobster Place on Friday afternoon was Kingfish (also known as King Mackerel). This was cooked for dinner very simply in the oven over slices of lemon, coated with olive oil, and season with salt and pepper. Fortunately for my lunch the next day, there were leftovers. A simple open faced sandwich with dill mayonnaise, cucumber, flaked Kingfish, fresh dill on whole wheat bread from the farmer's market. The side was cold leftover lentils with baby spinach and herbs (parsley, dill, mint). The side dish was based on a Jamie Oliver recipe that I have used many times.

The obvious leftovers are stews, curries, pies, etc. that are always better the next day because they have had time for the ingredients to settle in together. But I love cold meats, sausages, side dishes, fish - lunch is always so much more exciting when there are leftovers. It's so much more tasty than a boring old turkey sandwich.


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