Baby Fennel & Lamb's Quarters

I have been exploring the Union Square Farmer's Market more recently and this past weekend found baby fennel and lamb's quarters. I just chopped up the baby fennel, whose bulbs are very small indeed, chopped up a little of the fronds. For the lamb's quarters I removed the ends and just rough chopped the leaves. I sauteed them in separate pans in extra virgin olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper. For the lamb's quarters I also added some garlic to the pan.

The person who sold the lamb's quarters said they were related to spinach. I understand from a little research that they are also referred to goosefoot (based on the shape of its leaves) and for the most part is mistaken for a common weed.

Both were delicious. The fennel has a typical anise flavor and after sauteing is soft and mellow. The lamb's quarters are a little similar to spinach with a rich, mineral taste. They are both a wonderful change of pace from the usual boring green vegetables and together they were a delicious pair - although the plate looked a little too green and healthy!


Lyle Fass said…
Until I read the post I was looking for little chunks of lamb.

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