Lunch @ Aburiya Kinnosuke - A New Find

I was on Yakitori Totto's website and realized they have a few restaurants in the city. I happened to be on the east side on 45th Street and realized Aburiya Kinnosuke was located there. What a find! They have great lunch specials:

I had the Fish Lunch for $16 which, as you can see from the photo, was grilled mackerel, sauteed shrimp with aona greens. Lunch was also served with miso soup, rice, and a little side dish of pickled vegetable. The food was fantastic, fresh, and tasty. My friend had the Nishoku-don (ground chicken and egg over rice, yellow-fin tuna over seaweed and rice) which was equally as delicious.

We ate at the bar and while we were eating lunch one of the cooks was filleting a whole fish (possibly fluke). The fish looked amazing. Aburiya Kinnosuke is on my list of places to return to and I have to try dinner there soon.


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