A Farmer's Market Dinner & Montevertine 1996 Pian del Ciampolo

A quick trip to the Union Square Green Market resulted in: pheasant sausages, ramps, parsnips. The combination of the three along with a bottle of Montevertine 1996 Pian Del Ciampolo Toscana (Sangiovese, Canaiolo grapes) was a simple and yet magnificent combination.

The pheasant sausages were spicy and the rich, but balanced really well with the sweetness of the parsnip puree (parsnips and carrots cooked in boiling water and pureed with butter, truffle oil, salt, pepper). The ramps provided yet another foil that made a lovely trio.

The wine was marvelous and a great value at $24. I love wines with some age and we should have decanted this for the sediment. It was elegant, bright, tertiary flavors, mushrooms, tobacco, roses, cedar.


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