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Saffron Infused Gin

Not that gin needs any enhancements or modification, but sometimes in summer a slight change can really bring out those summer feelings. I've been a huge fan of Earl Grey tea infused gin for a while. The tea adds some Bergamot components as well as some slight tea tannins.

Saffron though not only adds a glorious bright yellow / orange color, but it also adds aroma and flavor -- a slight bitter note with hint of sweetness to. It makes a wonderful gin and tonic - and when made the Spanish way (recipe below) the aromas really sing.

It seemed to work best though when I combined both ideas of the saffron and tea infusion.

Saffron Infused Gin
1) Take a few strands of saffron (I probably used too much and infused slightly too long in the above attempt) and add to a cup of gin. You probably want to use a more old school classic gin like Plymouth or Beefeater rather than something like Hendrick's.

2) Let sit for about an hour or to taste. Since the strands will still be red, you could reuse in another batch.

3) Strain and put in a bottle.

4) Make a gin and tonic.

Note: similar to turmeric, saffron can stain. Be careful of white counter tops and clothing.

Saffron-Tea Infused Gin
1) Take the saffron infused gin and add a tablespoon of loose Earl Grey tea leaves.

2) Let that sit and infuse for about an hour or less time if you are impatient for a G + T.

3) Strain and put back in the bottle.

4) Make a gin and tonic.

Saffron Infused G + T / Saffron Tea Infused G + T

Spanish G & T with Saffron & Tea Infused Gin
1) In a large bowl wine glass, with large ice cubes, add 1 oz. of infused gin.

2) Add 4 oz. of your favorite tonic. In this case, clear pre-made tonics like Fever Tree, Q Tonic or old school Schweppes work better than syrups like Tomr's or Jack Rudy Cocktail Co, because you really want that saffron color to shine though.

3) For garnish, add a large piece of lemon twist and a star anise.

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