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Aperitifs with Bee Raw Honey

A couple of riffs on Tom Collins made with two different gentiane aperitifs and Bee Raw Honey instead gin and simple syrup. So really, it's not a Tom Collins, but more inspired by a Tom Collins. Since the gin is replaced with Bonal and Salers Aperitif the resulting cocktail has a less crisp and tart flavor, but a more rounder, possibly more unique flavor.

On first taste, I had a preference for the cocktail with Bonal, because it seemed more integrated and round, but after a few sips the cocktail made with Salers really grew on me. The Salers cocktail has a more distinctive flavor and the Salers shines through a little more.

Both cocktails maintain a balance of freshness and sweetness that is typical of a Tom Collins, yet they also provide a unique sounding board for the gentiane aperitifs and the local honey.

Bonal or Salers Aperitif Tom Collins

Glassware: Collins or Rocks Glass
Ice: Large Ice Cubes
Garnish: Lemon Slice

- 2 oz. Bonal or Salers Aperitif
- 3/4 oz. Fresh Lemon Juice
- 3/4 oz. Bee Raw New York Basswood Honey and water mixture (mostly honey with a little hot water to blend smoothly)
- 1 oz. Seltzer

1) In a mixing glass, combine the Bonal or Salers Aperitif, lemon juice, and honey mixture.
2) Add ice cubes and shake until well mixed.
3) Strain into a Collins glass with fresh ice.
4) Top with seltzer, stir gently and garnish with a lemon twist.


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