Katchkie Farm CSA - Week 3 - Romaine, Radish, Basil Salad

Katchkie Farm Romaine Lettuce, Radish and Basil Salad
with Smoked Trout

Week 3 of the Katchkie Farm / Haven's Kitchen CSA included Romaine Lettuce, Radishes, Basil among other veggies. These jumped out though to make a perfect lunch salad with the added touch of Blue Hill Bay smoked trout from The Lobster Place in Chelsea Market.

The combination of chopped, crisp, cool Romaine lettuce with the bite of radish and the bright flavor of basil all blended with a simple mustard vinaigrette worked really well.

I'm really loving the smoked trout from Blue Hill Bay because it's moist, not dried out, but it still has a punch of smoke. I've been using it on salads, but also on seeded bread with mustard seed and pea shoots, inspired by chef Jason French.

No CSA during the holiday week, but looking forward to next week's delivery from Katchkie Farm.


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