Drink the World Cup | Belgium vs. Algeria

Belgium is another country producing genever, but I used the Dutch version in the Netherlands match and it's lunchtime, so Belgian beer wins out here. On this one, I'll use a recommendation from Kevin Floyd, the Beer Director at Anvil, the Hay Merchant, and Underbelly in Houston, TX. He loves Cuvée des Jacobins Rouge from Bockor, a family-owned brewery. He says, "I think it’s in their fifth or sixth generation of family ownership. The brew master that was alive during the war, sought shelter at a monastery and the abbot’s name was Jacobin. When the war was over, he went back to brewing and he brewed a line of beers called Jacobins, in honor of this friar that protected him and the family has carried on the tradition. Jacobins Rouge is sweet and sour. It has almost a vinegar quality to it."

One drink North Africa and Algeria is known for is mint tea. And since it's really warmed up, a cooling iced mint tea might be just the thing.


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