Drink the World Cup | Brazil vs. Chile

The elimination stage of the World Cup is upon us and there are no ties to be had anymore. This is where overtime and penalty shootouts come into play.

This is the first time I can going to combine countries into one drink. Bartender Hunter Orahood of Marlton House created the Marvelous Sour for Avuá Cachaça. Using cachaça instead of pisco (which is produced in both Chile and Peru). The Marvelous Sour is made with 2oz. Avuá Cachaça Amburana, 0.75oz. lemon juice, 0.5oz. rich simple syrup, 1 egg white which is all shaken together vigorously, strained into a chilled cocktail coupe, and garnished with Angostura bitters and grated cinnamon.


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