Drink the World Cup | Switzerland vs. France

One of the most loved soft drinks in Switzerland is Rivella that is made from milk whey, but apparently tastes just like Sprite. So they've done a good marketing an unhealthy soda as semi-healthy.

Staying in the French aperitif theme, I love gentiane aperitifs that have made their way into the US market thanks to importers like Haus  Alpenz. Give Bonal a try. This is a classic aperitif wine created in 1865 by a monk/doctor, brother Raphael, whose real name was Hippolyte Bonal. It's a specific type of aperitif wine called quinquina, called so, because it’s infused with extract of chinchona bark. Cinchinoa bark is the primary source of quinine and is the predominant taste component in tonic water. Try it neat or with a lemon twist. It's also recommended with fresh cider or as a substitute for sweet red vermouth.


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