Drink the World Cup | Switzerland vs. Ecuador

The Alps against the Andes.

Schnapps is king in Switzerland and while there are many fruits that are used for schnapps, Kirsch (or kirschwasser) is the famous one. These aren't sweet fruit liqueurs, but clear brandies distilled from fruit and Kirsch is distilled from cherries. Drink Kirsch neat and chilled in small glasses. They are generally consumed after dinner as a digestif.

In Ecuador, fruit juices are widely available, such as papaya, pineapple, mango, passionfruit, and naranjilla (a cross between an orange and a tomato). There are two rums also produced in Ecuador: Ron Castillo and Ron San Miguel. A rum fruit punch would be a good brunch option while watching the game. A little rum, a lot of pineapple with a touch of passionfruit and mango to round out the flavors.


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