Drink the World Cup | Spain vs. Chile

Since the first performance by Spain was pretty dismal, it's time to up the game and bring the Spanish gin and tonic to the table. Served in a goblet style glass with your favorite gin (one of mine is currently Jensen's London Dry) with tonic (Q tonic or Fever Tree), a couple of drops of Rhubarb bitters, large ice cubes, lemon peel (not a slice), star anise. It doesn't seem that different from your average G & T, but the taste is fantastic.

Chile in their first match got the Pisco Sour. This time, it's red wine. Louis / Dressner brings in the wines of Louis-Antoine Luyt. He's making wine from Pais which is also called Mision and Listan Prieto. The variety was originally brought to Chile by the missionaries. He is also making some wine from the Chilean variety Carménère.


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