Drink the World Cup | France vs. Nigeria

Suze Cocktail Photo Credit: Robin Dorian

Suze vs. Peanut Punch

There are so many spirits and liqueurs made in France, I love that they are still in the World Cup. Until 2012, if you wanted a bottle of Suze in the US, you needed to hand import it (meaning buy a bottle in France and bring it back with you). It's a another gentian-based liqueur that is yellow in color and lovely on its own and in cocktails. Back in March, after bring a bottle back from France (it's super cheap in Duty Free), I made a couple of cocktails with Suze:  a White Negroni and Suze & Tonic.

Nigeria is an exporter of ground peanuts (for what use I did not further research), but there is a drink made in the Caribbean called Peanut Punch. It's a non-alcoholic punch made with peanut butter, milk, and condensed milk as a base with other ingredients possibly added, including: vanilla extract, banana, nutmeg, honey, or even granola. My thought was to add Kahlua or rum to further jazz it up. Here's a recipe for the non-alcoholic version.


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