Drink the World Cup | Japan vs. Colombia

There is one really obvious drink left for Japan that I haven't used yet -- and that is sake. I am going to take a tip from sake sommelier Toshi Koizumi of Wasan in the East Village. One of the more inexpensive sakes he recommends is Mizubasho Ginjo Sake. "It’s clean, pure, and smooth with aromas of green apple and hay."

For Colombia, I just read about the drink called Refajo, which is made with beer and a Colombian soda called Colombiana (which tastes like a cream soda). It is supposed to be a refreshing drink that sounds pretty good on a hot afternoon, sort of like an English shandy. It's basically two parts beer to one part soda with an option to add Aguardiente (the local liquor) to make it more alcoholic.


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