Drink the World Cup | Nigeria vs. Argentina

At one time, Nigeria was a significant producer of coconuts. Using that as a starting point, I'm not about to suggest a drink with Malibu (although I was known to enjoy this a bit in college), but I did find a cocktail recipe on Imbibe magazine using both coconut milk and cachaça that seemed ideal to celebrate the World Cup. The cocktail is called the Coconut Batidinha and was created by Ana Luiza Trajano of Brazil a Gosto in São Paulo, Brazil. It's made with 2oz cachaça, 2oz fresh coconut milk, 1 1/3oz condensed milk, which is shaken over ice, strained into a glass with either ice cubes or crushed ice, and garnished with a mint leaf. An optional flourish is to rim the glass with fresh coconut shavings.

One of the more popular drinks in Argentina is actually more Italian based and sounds a little weird. Fernet Branca amaro is hugely popular in Argentina and it's often mixed with Coke, to the extent that if you order a Fernet at a bar, it will most likely come with Coke.


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