Drink the World Cup | Brazil vs. Mexico

This is the host country's second match and I went classic with their first match with a caipirinha. I'll keep it summery and fresh for this cocktail and also use cachaça. I really like the sound of the Watermelon Cooler from Avuá and bartender Hunter Orahood of Crow's Nest. It's 2oz. Avuá Cachaça Prata with 2oz. Watermelon Puree, 5oz. St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur, Basil and Lime muddled together with everything shaken and strained into a chilled cocktail and garnished with a basil leaf.

For the Mexican influenced cocktail, it's time for a slightly more bitter cocktail I made a while ago. No real name beyond a Bitter Mezcal Cocktail, it's made with 1.5 oz Del Maguey Vida Mezcal, 1 oz Aperol, 1 oz Bonal Aperitif, 2 dashes Regan's Orange Bitters, stirred and strained into a chilled Nick and Nora glass with a lemon twist as garnish.


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