Drink the World Cup | Italy vs. Costa Rica

Vergano's Americano Aperitif | Photo Credit: Find. Eat. Drink.

The two winning teams from the first matches in this group are going head to head. Since this is the early match of the day, a simple Italian aperitif is an ideal way to start the football off. One of my favorite ways to start a meal is with Vergano's Americano Aperitif which is a glug of Vergano Americano in a glass over ice with a twist of orange peel topped with a splash of soda water. Simple, elegant and delicious.

Depending on your morning (or your night), it might still be coffee time. Just before making an Italian aperitif, grab a cool, tall iced coffee made with Costa Rican coffee. If you haven't prepare ahead of time to make cold brew, try the almost Japanese style of iced coffee. Basically brew your coffee straight over ice to automatically chill it down. Planning ahead is worth it though, I really love the mellow, chocolatey notes that come from cold brewed iced coffee.


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